Fall 2019 Course Materials

Fall semester kicks off in about four days here, so I’ve been preparing my syllabus, course documents, and policies. This academic year I’ve done something of a radical overhaul of my course policies, especially those concerning disability accommodations, attendance, and participation, so I’m posting links to some of that language here to share with other instructors interested in working on incorporating more inclusive and equitable policies.

The concepts for this language owe a lot of thanks to disability scholars and advocates on Twitter (in particular Aimée Morrison (@digiwonk) and Cody Jackson (@codyjacksonAR) who have been very vocal and generative about the importance of including policies that consider the needs of students who are marginalized along one or more axis of their identity. I also made extensive use of the Accessible Syllabus website and its resources. As a queer disabled and neurodivergent instructor I know the importance of having accommodations that will work with my needs, and I am constantly developing new policies that reflect that attitude in my own work with my students.

Take a look at my new page, Pedagogical Materials, for the language that will be appearing on my syllabus this fall. I’m always eager to discuss these policies and share ideas with other scholars and instructors, so feel free to reach out here, via email, or on twitter to continue the conversation.

To those of you gearing up for fall semesters, quarters, and terms, best of luck! I’ll be teaching, working on my dissertation, and helping incoming Professional Writing instructors navigate their new courses.

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