Pedagogical Materials

I make use of my experiences as a queer, disabled, and neurodivergent instructor to develop classroom and coursework policies that are mindful of student needs, goals, and circumstances. These policies concern everything from class attendance to disability accommodations, from mental health to classroom conduct. I also make use of opt-in disclosure to ensure students who need to share aspects of their identity or circumstances have the space to do so.

The materials that I use in my own classroom are tweaked slightly to adhere to circumstances at my institution (see EH 419: Multimedia Writing for specific language used for my classrooms), but the ones presented here are purposefully adjusted to be generic so the language can be adapted and used by instructors at other institutions.

If you want to make use of the specific language present in these materials, give me credit in some capacity either via a link to this page or by name. Since there is no one size fits all policy for classrooms, institutions, or courses, I encourage you to use these policies as inspiration and jumping off points to develop and evolve your own policies based in your institutional climate, course subject, and personal pedagogical practice. 

The policies developed on this page were influenced by and developed with inspiration from multiple scholars, colleagues, and subject matter experts in accessible pedagogy. Special thanks to Tony Bushner, Cody Jackson, Alisha Karabinus, Michelle McMullin, Aimée Morrison, and Allegra Smith for their work in accessible pedagogy and course development.