2019: Updates and Forward Momentum

2018 was very much the year of being focused and being capital-B Busy. I moved into a new apartment, passed my comprehensive exams, started teaching in a new sub-discipline, and made strong and real steps towards my dissertation. As a result I’m keen to make actual and more thorough use of this website and this blog professionally.

So, here’s what I have coming up in 2019 as I move into the latter half of my third year of my PhD:

  1. Prospectus
    Spring semester of 2019 is going to be taken up almost entirely with reading for, drafting, and defending my dissertation prospectus. Currently this means working on reading through the books sitting in a pile on my desk, meeting virtually with my advisor (who is on sabbatical this semester), and moving towards a draft. It’s an ambitious project involving both extensive academic theory and research and practical applications of game design, but I’m very excited with the direction it’s headed in.

    A little light reading.

  2. Teaching
    In addition to a section of Professional Writing, which I first taught last fall, I am teaching my first section of Multimedia Writing, which is giving me an opportunity to put into practice some of the theories and ideas I have surrounding my dissertation topic and teach through the lens of archival theory and practice. Despite being only one week into the semester, I’m very happy with my students and their enthusiasm, and I look forward to seeing the projects they’re going to put together.

  3. Coursework
    I’m enrolled in one official class this semester, ILS 695, which is the intensive study of digital and analog archives in Purdue’s Virginia Kelly Karnes Archives and Special Collections research center. This class, in addition to being directly related to my dissertation interests, brings me back to a years-long passion for archival study and library work. In addition to this course, I’m enrolled in a directed reading focused on game studies reading and practice, including a crash course in RPGMaker. I also have some research hours, which is paving the way for dissertation research and the next two years. It’s the lightest course-load I’ve ever had, but that is, of course, by design as I focus on Prospectus work.

  4. Publications and Conferences
    I have a lot of work in store this year, including publication drafts out for review, at least one conference (4Cs in Pittsburgh), and additional submissions to multiple journals. More details on this will follow throughout the year!

  5. Other Things
    I’m still running my twice-a-month Dungeons and Dragons campaign, working on going back to the gym, and picking up a couple of old pastimes I put down: knitting and playing the piano. I’m also cooking more, writing daily, and spoiling my cat, Karma.


So, that’s where I am at the beginning of 2019. I hope to post more regular updates in long-form here on this blog. In lieu of that, I’m still always updating my twitter with regular posts on how things are going, both academically and personally, and I’m very keen to see where this new year takes me.

Thanks for reading,


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