Disruptive Behavior

College is a time for the exploration and sharing of ideas. It’s also often the first time students have spent an extended amount of time away from home and therefore the first occasion that they are truly able to experience new perspectives that challenge the way that they see and interact with the world. This can be a difficult experience, but also a beneficial and productive one.

In this course, we will sometimes discuss topics that are sensitive or personal. These could be about any number of things – our backgrounds, our experiences, our identities that uniquely incorporate race, ethnicity, social class, gender identity and expression, sexuality, religion, disability, etc. Please enter these discussions mindfully and kindly, and do not belittle or insult your fellow students who may think differently than you do.

As your instructor, I reserve the right to ask you to leave class if you are behaving in a way that is patently offensive, or that disrupts or distracts your fellow students from the work at hand. You can review the institution’s nondiscrimination policies for more information.

Language on this page adapted from materials by Allegra Smith.