ENGL 1102: Composition II

The second course in Georgia Tech’s Composition sequence, which focuses on further integrating WOVEN principles into student work, highlighting research techniques in multimodal spaces.

Course Theme Description:

Archives and Self-Preservation: Digital and Analog Memory

What does it mean to preserve the past? How do we hold and keep memories in the digital age? What are the material impacts of seemingly ephemeral digital spaces? This course aims to explore these and more questions about the conversation surrounding what it means to archive our lives and selves in the 21st century. By examining past, current, and future methods of storing and preserving our histories, this course encourages students to reflect on the way they interact with their own pasts in both digital and analog contexts. Through a WOVEN approach to studying and researching archival practices, examining personal methods of preserving history, and constructing new modes for saving digital and analog memory, students will work to gain an understanding of what it means to preserve the self in the digital age, and how to reflect upon and analyze the preservation of history.  Artifacts will include a personal historical analysis, research into existing archives and historical preservation projects, and creating and designing different archival and preservation processes, as well as a final portfolio of polished work.

Assignments and Details to follow soon!