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Technically Pop

Prey. Published Oct 20, 2022.
The Matrix. Published Jan 17, 2022.

The Office Hour

Twine Narratives with Shane Snyder. Published Oct 18, 2022

The Big Rhetorical Podcast 

Episode 27: NARA Controversy. Published Jan 27, 2020.
Episode 19: Emerging Scholar Series: Lee Hibbard. Published Oct 21, 2019.

Not Your Mama’s Gamer Podcast

Episode 216: It’s Been 10 Years: NYMG Reunion. Published Jan 22, 2021.
Episode 161: Podcast, Please!: On Podcasts and the Problem of “Cool” Scholarship. Published Oct 20, 2017.
Episode 160: Dad Jokes & Spooky Corn: A Halloween Special. Published Oct 6 2017.
Episode 157: Navigating Spaces: Being Together In and Through Games. Published Aug 25 2017.
Episode 149: Now You See Me: On Streaming Gamers and Representation. Published Apr 17 2017.
Episode 145: Sometimes You Have to Kill Things: On Games and Self-Care. Published Feb 3, 2017.
Episode 144: The F*ck You Line: Games and Emotion. Published Jan 20 2017.
Episode 139: When Horror Gets Real: The Halloween Episode. Published Oct 29 2016.
Episode 137: A Turtle Named Shelly: Firewatch With Me. Published Sept 30, 2016.